Blackcurrant Press Company publishing services are available for the author considering self-publishing.  If you have ever wanted to be an author, but lacked knowledge of how to go about it, then you have come to the right place. There are three phases involved in the publishing a book; first phase is pre-publishing.  This includes services like editing (Blackcurrant Press outsources this service at a nominal additional cost), text formatting, cover design, and ghostwriting.  You are author AND the publisher. Our professional team will help guide you through the publishing process, but you will be responsible for all final decisions.  The second phase is the printing of your book.  Blackcurrant will take care of that based on your final sign-offs on phase one materials.  Included in phase two is a proof cover of your book.  The proof copy will be sent to you for review, any changes that you wish to make at this time, are submitted in writing, changes are made and then it is time to order copies of your book.  The last and final phase is marketing and distribution.  What kinds of books does Blackcurrant Press publish? Novels, biographies, how-to’s and books of poetry. What the writer is responsible for once the service is purchased?

  1. You are responsible for supplying all necessary materials to Blackcurrant Press before the project starts. The manuscript must be supplied in a .doc, .docx or .rtf file format, and follow our manuscript submission guidelines. 
  2. Author photos and cover photo images should be saved at 300dpi as an image format (JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG).  Blackcurrant Press will provide full-color cover templates and mock-up covers included in your publishing package.  
  3. If you are supplying your own ISBN (or barcode), this must be provided at the start of the project. Blackcurrant Press will supply a free ISBN with your publishing package. You are responsible for selecting the book size. Your publishing coordinator will be available for questions. The book title should be finalized prior to starting the project. You are responsible for making all final creative decisions. You will need to approve the book files prior to the galley copy being printed and shipped. Blackcurrant Press

Standard Book Publishing Package Our standard Publishing Book Packages includes all of the following:

  • Published within 8 weeks
  • Author Retains ALL rights
  • Full Color Cover from our template covers or you may provide your own cover
  • Unlimited Photos, Tables and Charts ISBN Registration Number
  • Bar Code
  • Electronic Proof
  • Printed Proof
  • Included in Amazon, and most online retail stores
  • Available through the major book wholesalers Ingram and Baker & Taylor
  • FREE Marketing Plan

Our pricing for a standard Book Publishing Package begins at $295     

Please upload manuscript and photos to



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