I Hate Muscular Dystrophy - Loving a Child with a Life-Altering Disease When her 5-year-old son was first diagnosed with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, the first question Star Bobatoon asked was “Why Me?” Several years later she discovered the answer to her question: As an attorney, speaker, and trainer, she could--from a place of experience and compassion--support, empower and inspire parents who have children with special needs.

Single Mother the New Father  About the book.  Single mother raising a child in a sports training environment.


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Poor-ducing Theatre   About the book.  Carl Clay, Founder, has spent more than 40 years building Black Spectrum Theatre and has written this book to tell about its many challenges, successes and how the journey shaped him and the theatre.

Queen Kinni   About the book. Unbeknownst to Kinni Bragia, our Harlem born heroine, her entire life has been predestined by the likes of a bunch of old dead bones, those of her long ago buried but not forgotten superstitious ancestry.  The roots of a Gambian tradition stretch some 6,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City in order to strangle the life right out of her. 

What's inside the book?

Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count   About the book.  A book of poetry by Grey Wolf and others.

Not Just A House Party.  The George Brothers talk about their personal lives, their ups and downs, life in the crazy music and entertainment industry, their contribution in helping to create Full Force, their experiences in the movies they've acted in, most notably the "House Party” movies and more thangs....but keep in mind...everything in their lives is "NOT just a House Party"!

OPEN DOORS   About the book.  This isn’t exactly a love story though James DuBois a/k/a Jimmy is sincerely smitten with a beautiful, young, actress, named Clark Green Clark doesn’t even know he’s alive.  That’s mainly because he isn’t.  The New York City Police Department is on a man hunt for his killer.   Clark’s his latest preoccupation.  The question is; will his unholy love eventually kill her before he sees the light?